Xooker Battle of the Bands Competition


The sponsor: Xooker

Current points for each of the three bands in the competition.

Ariana Spencer, Staff writer

Madison Central has taken the lead!

Xooker is a mobile app created for consumers to earn rewards while saving at their favorite local restaurants and shops. The folks at Xooker have created a friendly competetion between three bands in our area: Lafayette in Lexington, Kentuckcy, Paul Laurence Dunbar in Lexington, Kentukcy, and Madison Central in Richmond, Kentucky. These bands battle every fall on the football field, so the makers of Xooker thought the three schools would love to participate in a friendly fundraising competition this spring.

Naturally, the Lafayette Times staff supports our very own Marching Band, so we encourage everyone to sign up and join the “Lafayette Band Association” under Booster clubs/ Charity. Our band has significantly lost their early lead in the Battle of the Bands.

There is no cost to sign up and it only takes a few minutes. We encourage all students, teachers, parents, grandparents, and friends to sign up.

The Lafayette Band wants to win this competition. Not only will they have bragging rights, but they will win a $2500 prize they can apply toward the costs of the band.

All you need to do is download Xooker and join the Lafayette Band Association Group. By March 31st the band that has the most members in the app will win a $2500 donation. Also, Xooker will host a party for the band students. This is one of the easiest fundraiser. You don’t have to purchase anything to help the band.

1. Get the Xooker App in the Apple App store or the Google Play store. It’s free to download.
2. In the Xooker app, tap the menu button (the three little lines).
3.Then, click “Booster Clubs/Charity”.
4. Find “Select Booster Clubs”.
5. Finally, click the “+” icon next to Lafayette Band, and you’re done.

Another way to support the band is to attend their resturant fundraiser on Monday, March 25 at Waffle House. It is a Xooker restaurant fundraiser. Mark your calendar and eat at Waffle House (Beaumont location) on Monday, March 25 between 2p.m.-9p.m. If you sign in using the Xooker app, Lafayette Band will earn 20%.