M2 Spring Voice Lessons


Rebekah Dunlap

Where M2 lessons take place, The practice room.

Brynn DeLuca, Alumni Section Editor

Lafayette is known for having amazing arts programs. Some opportunities for students include vocal, instrument, and arts classes, such as choir and SCAPA.  Students can excel and progress their vocal talents with the M-2 Voice Lessons.

M-2 Voice Lessons are private voice lessons, with voice coaches Mr. Wayne Gebb, Ms. Jenna McKinley, and Mr. Richard Wade. Coaches will hold lessons either in the Piano or Practice room. Each session lasts 30 minutes.

Students come and go from 3:30-5:30, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. These lessons started on January 28th and will end on May 2nd. The cost is $115 dollars per student.Students sign up for the lessons through their music teacher. Vocal coaches usually see four students per day out of the 25 current participants. Some of the participants include Isabella Osborne, Brynn DeLuca, Violet Updike, Riley Steffey, Emma Brown, Zaida Bell-Frantz, Grace Fleming, and Gabe Helgerson.

However, with taking the M-2 lessons, there are some rules and regulations. Students must attend every lesson. An excused absence must be cleared with directors a week before, otherwise, it’s unexcused. If excessive unexcused absences happen, then the singer is not allowed to participate in the next semester of M-2 lessons.  Lessons can be made up if the absences are excused. Singers may be excused from other rehearsals, such as band, to attend vocal lessons. However, if this privilege is abused, the singer may not be able to participate in lessons next semester. Payment for lessons is non-refundable because coaches are paid per session.

A participant in the M-2 lessons, Riley Steffey, has a few words to express about her lessons. “The lessons have really made me more confident with my voice and singing abilities. The choir room is like a second home to me. My coach, Mr. Wayne Gebb, pushes me harder every lesson and has taught me so much. I appreciate it so much that Lafayette has this program for singers like me, who really are looking to improve”.