Spring Break Plans


Sarah McPherson

Lafayette High School.

Sarah McPherson, Staff Writer

Spring break starts on April 1st and goes through April 7th. Here are a few Lafayette students’ plans for spring break:

Taylor Hanley: “I’m going to West Virginia for a few days, and Indiana, possibly Tennessee, and watching Netflix.”

Yazmin Diaz: “I’m gonna do nothing exciting with my life, going to stay in bed and re-watch Glee .”

James Barnett: “Over spring break I’m going to Wisconsin to meet family.”

Emma Taylor: “I’m going to Tennessee.”

Victoria Steward: “I’m hanging out with my friend, going prom shoe shopping, and watching some movies.”

Jacqui Cesiro: “I’m going out of state to Gatlinburg Tennessee.”

Hanna Huntzinger: “I’m going to Atlanta.”

Violet Updike: “I’m going to Disney for the first couple of days. but nothing else after that.”

Lindsey Sargent: “I actually don’t know. I was supposed to go hunting but I’m not sure if I am.”

Isabella Steward: “I’m going to be babysitting.”

I’m not really doing anything, probably just gonna Watch Netflix and YouTube, maybe go outside if the weather is nice.