Speech and Debate Tournament Outcome

The speech team at The University of Kentucky

Mr. Stancil

The speech team at The University of Kentucky

Ariana Spencer, Staff writer

The Speech and Debate tournament took place at the University of Kentucky. Debates took place on March 13 and March 14. 13 students competed in the Debate.

Mary Rose Beeken – Lincoln-Douglas

Eric Reynolds & Charlie Stephenson – Public Forum

John Boyle – Congress

Johnathan Hurley – Congress

Walker Prather – Congress

Claire Qian – Congress

Cooper Samuelson – Congress

Julie Sharpe – Congress

Nick Skidmore – Congress

Jules Stowe – Congress

Brandon Taylor – Congress

Ellen Woodward – Congress

Johnathan Hurley, Julie Sharpe, and Nick Skidmore made it to the final round meaning that they are placed in the top 24 student representatives in Kentucky.

JT Baniak – Storytelling

Jack Clements – Impromptu

Elke Coenders – Prose and Improv Duo (with Claire Qian)

Arden Ensor – Impromptu and Declamation

Maya Farrell – POI

Devyn Fleming – Informative and Improv Duo (with Sarah Grace Sajadi)

Jasmine Flora – Poetry and Prose

Annabelle Gunning – POI

Johnathan Hurley – Humorous Interpretation

Rachael Kelly – Dramatic Interpretation and Improv Duo (with Ellen Woodward)

Claire Qian – Impromptu, POI, and Improv Duo (with Elke Coenders)

Ty Reynolds – Broadcasting

Sarah Grace Sajadi – Broadcasting, Extemporaneous, and Improv Duo (with Devyn Fleming)

Julie Sharpe – Extemporaneous

Nick Skidmore – Extemporaneous

Charlie Stephenson – Broadcasting, Poetry, and Humorous Interpretation

Manya Tiwari – Oratory

Pragya Upreti – Prose

Ellen Woodward – Improv Duo (with Rachael Kelly)

These are the students that made it to the quarterfinals: Elke Coenders in Prose, Sarah Grace Sajadi in Broadcasting, and Rachael Kelly/Ellen Woodward in Improv Duo

The students that made it to the semifinal: Johnathan Hurley in Humorous Interpretation and Nick Skidmore in Extemporaneous

Claire Qian made it to finals and finished 6th overall in Impromptu. Congratulations to Claire!

The speech event took place on Friday 15th and Saturday the 16th. 19 students competed in Speech. Mrs. Bolinger and Mr. Stancil, the team coaches, are extremely proud of everyone the team.