KMEA Orchestra 2019


Rebekah Dunlap

Basses from the Orchestra room.

Sarah McPherson, Staff Writer

It is assessment season for our music programs. Duing this season, vocal and instrumental programs participate in the Kentucky Music Education Association’s performance assessment. All the Lafayette High School Orchestra went to Fredrick Douglass to perform their pieces for three Judges on March 20-21, 2019.

String and Symphonic went on Wednesday March 20th. Concert and Chamber went on Thursday March 21st.

String played “Reverie” and “Such Sweet Sorrow”. Symphonic played “Russian” and “Ludmilla October”.

Concert played “Cherry Tree”and “Dance of Iscariot”.

Chamber played “Tchaikovsky Serenade for string movement 1” and ” Griegs elegiac Melodies movement 1″ and Hayden’s Symphony 104 first movement for full orchestra.

All of the Orchestras got Distinguished which is the highest scoring you can earn. The Orchestra Director for String and Concert is Mrs. Holbrook. The Orchestra Director for Symphonic and Chamber is Mr. Kent.