Pep Rally 2019


Zaida Bell-Frantz

Our mascot The General and our associate principal Mr. David Scholl pose before the pep rally starts.

Kylie Willis, Clubs witer

Lafayette held a pep rally this week on Thursday, March 28, 2019 during A4. The rally is the Spring Student Recognition Assembly, which is held to acknowledge multiple aspects of our school. Outstanding student performances in academics, arts, and athletics will all be recognized. The rally is hosted by the Recognition Committee, which is lead by Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard.

The pep rally will feature a parade of the students mentioned above. As Mrs. Bernhard says, we will see a “parade of teams similar to the Olympic opening ceremony”. Along with this walk of fame, there will be a teacher vs. student basketball game. Teachers will be participating in some organized routines they’ve put together for our entertainment. There will also be a surprise activity where academically-achieved students will get the chance to get back at their teachers.

Our step team and dance team wowed the crowd with their awesome moves. Our step team had surprise steppers, our teachers and students, join in on the dancing fun.

The rally was a fun event that celebrates our school, and a great way to kick off our spring break.