What kind of Video games do Lafayette’s students play?

Man holding controller

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Man holding controller

Tierian Lawhon, Staff Writer

With gaming being as massive as it is in 2019, it’s no surprise that out of the 2,400 (and counting) students at Lafayette, a lot of them are people who play video games, including myself. Now that Lafayette has an E-Gaming program, it’s more relevant to talk about how gaming can impact students and what kind of video games Lafayette’s students play.

I asked 30 people around the school whether they played video games or not. 56.6% said that they do play video games and 43.4% said they do not. To be honest, I expected less people to play video games so that’s a surprise. However, that’s not all. I also asked a few people specifically what kind of games they play. One student, Noah Cryder, had this to say.

“I’m more of a sports kind of guy. I like MLB the show, 2k, and Madden. But still, I do consider myself a true gamer.”

Brandon Baker, a senior, had this to say:

“I like RPG’s, action, sports–Really, I just like all types of games. My favorite game is Super Mario Brothers.

Freshman Brynn Deluca answered like this:

“I play mobile games, my favorite one is Subway Surfers.”

One of my favorite games is Resident Evil 2. A survival horror game about biological monstrosities.

The point is, as time goes on, our culture advances, that means more and more trends are being introduced and video games have been one of them ever since PONG on the Atari in 1985.  Whether it’s on your smartphone, or on your Playstation, video games are everywhere. Lafayette even has specific clubs dedicated to certain video games.