Anime Club


Anime Club’s 2018-2019 flyer

Sarah McPherson, Staff Writer

The Anime Club meets one afternoon per week, after school, for 60-90 minutes. During this time, students watch animated Japanese programs, read manga, draw, and discuss items of Japanese culture. Other related activities, such as Dance Revolution, are occasionally scheduled. They also have food that they eat.

If any students are interested in Japanese Anime, Manga, or related items you are welcome to contact Clara Graham, the sponsor of the club. I’m sure she would love more people in her club. Here is her email [email protected].

Abby Jones, a member of Anime club joined because she loves Anime, “I recently started watching Anime and I really liked it. I wanted to meet other people who liked it as much as I did and still do. Anime club provided me with many of my closest friends that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  I’m very glad it did that for me.”