The Final Countdown


“34 days until school is out!”

Tierian Lawhon, Staff Writer

As of the time I am writing this, we have 34 school-days until this school year is over! Spring break just ended, and everyone is anxious for the Lafayette 2018-19 year to be over! As long as we don’t have any more make-up days, it’s smooth sailing from here. I think I can say for everyone here at Lafayette, that we all can’t wait to start summer break.

With spring break ending, that means something else is starting – Finals. Unfortunately, this is one of the most stressful times for a lot of students. For some, it’s make it or break it, for others, it’s AP exams. The final days will most likely be a review for a lot of classes. There is also the fact that, yes, we have to make up a few days that we missed for snow days and everything else that prevented us from coming to school. One student, Nick Kirby, a sophomore, is “Very excited and relieved for it to end, but still worried about finals.” Just like Nick, I too am excited about the year coming to a close, but stressed for my upcoming AP exam.

The year definitely felt like it went by quickly. 34 more days is not that many, but may seem like it because of the hectic nature of the end of school. Lafayette has had its ups and downs this year, for everyone, as they go through the woes of high school, so going into next year (whether you’re a freshman or a senior) with a positive mentality is the best option. As Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”