Multi-Cultural Fair 2019


Various religious flags hung in Ms. Walker’s room.

Kylie Willis, Clubs witer

The 3rd annual Lafayette Multi-Cultural Fair is taking place on April 30th. The event will be in the Lafayette gym from 5 to 7 p.m. This Multi-Cultural fair features students who are immigrants, of immigrant descent, or who want to give others a better grasp of their culture. There will be about 13 countries, with their respective cultures, represented at the event. There will be music and food and games for all ages.

This event was started a few years back by a group of ESL students who were immigrants and felt like their culture was not being heard or represented. They created this fair to allow students who are immigrants to have a chance to really take pride in who they are and where they came from, as well as to show others their stories. One of the heads of this exemplary event, Mr. Mitsumoria, says, “I believe it promotes an understanding.” That is, of immigrant and/or ESL students who deserve just as much as others to be heard and understood.

So, join us and the outstanding students on April 30th to take a trip across the world and learn!