Technical Theatre Fashion Show


Rebekah Dunlap

Advertisement for models for the fashion show.

Yazmin Diaz Montelongo, Opinion Writer

Many courses are offered to the students here at Lafayette High School. A variety of classes open up to students, as they complete each grade level. One of the classes offered here at Lafayette High School would be Advanced Technical Theatre and Design. This course is offered to students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

Advanced Technical Theatre and Design is a hands-on course, where students begin to work as designers and technical directors. In this course students are responsible for designing the set, lights, props, costumes and sound for the Lafayette and SCAPA productions.

On March 28, 2019, roughly two weeks ago, the Lafayette Technical Theatre and Design held a fashion show in the school auditorium. Their assignment consisted of utilizing 4 garbage bags, duct tape, and a mystery item such as aluminum foil, bubble wrap, and zip ties to create a stereotypical outfit of their choice. Student groups were assigned a stereotypical character to design an outfit. Some of the characters were a pirate, a princess, a Greek god, and a Emporer.

Two students who participated in the fashion show were Izzy Whitney and Cynthia Sanchez. Izzy represented a stereotypical nerd with suspenders, glasses, and high-water pants. Cynthia portrayed a stereotypical Joan Jett Rocker look from the 80’s with a mini-skirt and over-sized jacket.

At the end of the fashion show, Savannah Cooper, said, “Well, it’s not New York Fashion Week, but thank you for coming to our fashion show”. If you are looking for a creative class that focuses on the technical side of theatre, check out the Advanced Technical Theatre and Design class at Lafayette.