Rising 9th graders visit Lafayette


LTMS students

Zaida Bell-Frantz, Clubs Editor

Starting high school can be a challenge, and in order to make rising 9th graders’ transition as smooth as possible Lafayette hosts a program called L.E.G.I.T. This program gives incoming students an opportunity to tour the building and interact with high schools students. Students from Leestown, Beaumont, Jessie Clark, SCAPA Bluegrass,  and Morton.

L.E.G.I.T leaders are a group of students who applied and were excepted into the program based on good behavior, good academics, and willingness to help the prospective freshman. On each of the days that these middle schools are visiting, the L.E.G.I.T leaders will take their group of 8th graders on a scavenger hunt around the school during which the 8th graders have to work together to find different spots at Lafayette.

At each of these spots, another L.E.G.I.T leader will be there to explain that part of Lafayette, an example if a spot would be the library. After the scavenger hunt, leaders will just have a conversation with their group about anything from extracurriculars to if there really is a pool on the 3rd floor.

Finally, the administrators will talk to all the 8th graders as a whole and get them pumped up and ready to start high school. Lafayette is already looking forward to seeing the class of 2023 walking its halls next year!