April 22 last day to Register to Vote in May Primary


Sherri McPherson

Details on the April 22 deadline for Voter Registration in Kentucky

Taylor Hanley, Staff Writer

April 22nd is the LAST day to register before the primary in May. The Primary Election will be held on May 21, 2019. You can register online or you can go to the County Clerk’s office.

There are some qualifications to registering:

  1. Must be a US Citizen for at least 28 days before the election
  2. Be at least 18 years old before the next General Election. (Kentucky law allows qualified individuals to register at 17 years of age and be able to participate in a Primary Election if the individual will be 18 years old by the General Election.)
  3. Can not be a convicted felon.

“The election is a good way for people to vote for who they want and to be able to have a say in who wins the election,” Hailey Hellard, a senior at Lafayette, stated.

The primary election in May isn’t as big of a deal as the election in November, but this primary election is still just as important.