The Yette Gala: 2019 Lafayette Prom

Yazmin Diaz Montelongo, Opinion Writer

On Saturday, April 13, 2019, Lafayette held their 2019 Yette Gala at The Carrick House.  Saturday was an eventful night filled with music, dancing, and smiles from all students and staff  that attended the event.

¨You’re completely free and lost in the moment, your only thought is the amount of joy in your life at that exact moment in time,”Kristen Bailey Derringer, a Lafayette student that had “the best time of her life” at The Yette Gala.

For many, this year was their first ever prom, and for our seniors it was their last. Prom is a night that should be filled with laughter, joy and happiness for everyone, especially the seniors graduating high school.

Kaitlyn Adams, a senior at Lafayette High School says, “It was extravagant. It was a beautiful night meant to remember. The dazzling lights made it seem so surreal. It was absolutley gorgeous and I had an absolute blast. I can truly say that this was the first night I felt like a real princess.”

Lafayette held a beautiful, eventful, night for all the students that attended Prom last Saturday. Seniors enjoyed their last prom with an amazing night at The Carrick House, at the 2019 Yette Gala.