Lafayette Cross Country 2017-18

Noah Huffman, Staff Writer

Lafayette Cross Country 2017-18


This year the Lafayette Generals cross country team is looking strong. They’re ranked in the top 3 in the region and the city. There’s new senior and juniors this year, as well as two new freshman, runners that have made varsity. The team this year is looking a lot better than last year because of the valuable new additions. The varsity team contains many seniors but a few underclassmen as well. The team this year is predicted by some to win the city and the region.


        Varsity Boys

  1. Garrison Peets                              
  2. Cameron Morrison                      
  3. Bobby Payne                                 
  4. Duncan Douglas                           
  5. Isaiah Joy                                       
  6. Josh Watkins                                  
  7. Justin Chavez
  8. Noah Huffman  
  9. Will Cahill
  10. John Giuliani


          Varsity Girls

  1. Olivia Cahill
  2. Sydney Mcintosh
  3. Elise Cahill
  4. Ashley Grospitch
  5. Madison Bell
  6. Serena Lin

           Junior Varsity Boys

  1. Paul Lewis
  2. Tyler Elliot
  3. Alex Chavez
  4. Chris Giuliani
  5. Steve Marks
  6. John Stumpf
  7. Jacob Hunley
  8. Daniel Michels
  9. Brett Painter
  10. Staige Pettit
  11. David Schneider
  12. Aidan Smith
  13. Spencer Stadstad
  14. Isaiah Winter
  15. Noah Yaacoub

Junior Varsity Girls

  1.  Ana Banks
  2.  Bridgette Bender
  3.  Ansley Cahill
  4.  Amelia Loeffler
  5.  Leah Olmstead
  6.  Sara Perry