Baseball vs. Tates Creek May 7


Mason Pittman- #29 Josh Guilfoil-#15

On May 7th, Lafayette’s baseball varsity team and junior varsity team played against Tates Creek.

Lafayette’s varsity team came in strong and left strong, winning 4-7. Lafayette had some struggles at the beginning of the game, but towards the middle, they made a strong comeback. Even though the team didn’t get any home runs, they still played a great game. Most of the players that batted hit the ball, and a couple struck out, but that didn’t stop them from winning the game. The batters were Graham Wilson, Ethan Tuttle, Mason Pittman, Sam Lewis, Josh Gulifoil, Landon Brown, Jaden Basham, Jon Bernard, and Ben Prather. The pitchers were Jaden Basham and Connor Arnold. The base players were 1st base player Eric Enerlich, 2nd base player Josh Gulifoil, and 3rd base Ben Prather.

Junior varsity started their game at 7:30 with a weak opening. They were striking out a lot and getting foul balls. In the midst of the game, they had players on bases but struck out three times leading into the next inning. After that, they weren’t doing so well anymore. They lost with 3-0. We win some we lose some, sometimes we have to lose to learn what we did wrong and improve for the next game. The batters were Jack Harris, Max Williams, Tyler Vittitow, Sam Tackett, Gavin Hall, Nathan Lancianese, Ryan Busseni,  and Austin Blake. The pitchers were Hayden Tomazic and Zac Tudor. The base players were 1st base Caleb Brislin, 2nd Sam Tackett, 3rd Gavin Hall.

Overall, both teams tried and did their best to win. Even though one lost and one won, both teams played a good, challenging game.