New Athletic Event Rules

Emma Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday afternoon, Fayette County released an announcement addressed to families all throughout the district, regarding the newly set guidelines and procedures for attending athletic events. Effective this week, all football games that take place between two schools within Fayette County must kick off at 6:30 p.m. instead of the usual 7:30 p.m. Students that are not yet in high school must now be accompanied by an adult. In addition to these rules, backpacks and large bags are banned from evening high school athletic events, along with outside food and drinks.

The incident that led to these new rules took place during the fourth quarter of a football game between Fredrick Douglass High School and Bryan Station High School on August 23rd. An unaccompanied minor shouted that someone at the game had a gun, which was false. The district took this situation and used it as an opportunity to create a safer environment for those who attend athletic events.

The announcement explains that although each school has the authority to set their own rules for athletic events, all six high schools in the district have agreed to adhere to these new rules. This announcement was sent via email to all students and parents throughout the district.