Christmas Music


Zaida Bell-Frantz

Christmas music on Spotify

So it’s getting to be that time of year. Thanksgiving is in 7 days from now at the time I am writing this(nov.13). Christmas is 34 days away and New Years is 40 days away. It’s holiday time. Now they are starting to play Christmas music on the radio, Spotify is promoting Christmas playlists and artists are starting to release christmas songs and a couple of days ago the Jonas Brothers released a new christmas song. (It was an absolute bop by the way. I recommend it that you listen to it if you haven’t already.)
To be honest when it comes to me personally I think Christmas music should be held off till Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving. I feel this way because everyone is in the holiday mood when Thanksgiving happens and I do not like getting hyped up for christmas too early because when it finally rolls around I’ll be tired of it. I will not shame those who have been listening to Christmas music since July, even though I don’t know why you would do that because it would just remind me how far away Christmas is, and I would become sad.
There are so many great things about Christmas time, something that is better than presents, than the time off, than the snow(even though those things are great) and that thing is the feeling that the holiday times give you. This feeling of warmth, happiness and safety. Music plays a big part in this, music is a big part of that feeling. It’s reminds people of those feelings and produces memories that have been in the back of people’s minds all summer. So although I personally don’t believe in listening to christmas music before Thanksgiving I am not gonna hate on someone who wants to get that feeling a little bit earlier. So don’t hate, it’s all love here. Hope your holiday season goes well.