The Benefits of Mindfulness


Emma Taylor

Student Emily Wrede participating in the mindful minute.

The Mindful Minute is minute or so that our whole school takes at the beginning of each school day to calm, relax, and focus the student body’s minds. Not everyone participates, and the ones who don’t, may think the mindful minute is wasteful. Although, for the kids who do let the mindful minute relax and guide them, it has improved their focus and personality at school. When the alumni of the school get up early in the morning, most wake up pretty grumpy as it is so early in the morning for them. I personally always wake up tired and not ready to focus, but mindful minute has helped me calm down and be ready for the day. And I am not the only one.

Student Emma Gober says, “I participate in the Mindful Minute everyday, and it has significantly improved my experience at school. It really boosts my charisma. Every minute is mindful if you try hard enough.”

Ashley Armstrong, another student, said, “The Mindful Minute has transformed my school career because it balances me and my mind out every morning. It’s sick!”

These two are finding good in something that some may look at and just see a waste of time. The students who think it’s bad are only thinking for themselves, and need to take into account the kids that really let the minute in the morning benefit them.

It is also unique that our school takes part in these Mindful Minutes in the first place. It shows that the teachers in the school actually do care for the students in the building. They care enough to take a minute of every morning just for the students, and even if some see the mindful minute as useless, the time is also indirectly improving the trust between student and teacher. Our school needs the Mindful Minute because of this, the minute only benefits the school.

It’s true, the majority of students don’t fully participate in the minute, but that does not mean the minute has a negative impact on the school and needs to be rid of. People need to start looking at the Mindful Minute for what it actually is and how it benefits the school before claiming it completely useless and wanting to get rid of it. Be aware of the benefits, not only the lack of impact it has on you.