Best Colors to Wear to Homecoming


Jolena Thomas

Lafayette student, Addison Smith, looking at homecoming dresses to suit her hair color.

Homecoming is coming up soon. November 5th to be exact, and a recent question among students is: ¨What color should I wear?¨.

Arguably, one of the main reasons people go to homecoming is to take beautiful photos to post on their Instagram. But, a regret that students often have is choosing a color that does not complement their features. There is no wrong color to wear to homecoming. However, some colors are preferred over others. A good color for you may not be the best color for your friends.

There are multiple strategies for choosing the right color for you. Some people with darker features choose lighter colors to bring out their features, while others with lighter features (such as blue eyes) may choose darker-colored clothes to make their features pop and stand out.

A survey conducted among Lafayette students found that 41% of brunette students thought red fit their complexion best. This would agree with the color wheel because most shades of brown derive from red.

The next piece of data In the survey showed that 50% of blonde students thought blue or pink fit them best. Yellow, which is essentially the color of blonde hair, and pink are warm colors on the color wheel, bringing a subtle look to the palate. However, yellow and blue are on two sides of the color wheel, with blue being cool and yellow being warm. This contradiction of warm and cool tones can enhance your softer features.

The survey also revealed that 80% of redheaded students agreed green or blue complimented them most. According to color theory, green and red are complementary colors. This causes a dramatic contrast and makes you look bold and stand out. On the other hand, blue acts as a neutral color in many ways, allowing it to pair well with virtually any color, including red. Going with blue is a very safe and simple option for redheaded individuals.

The survey shows that almost any color would work for our people with miscellaneous hair colors. Pink, purple, and black was the most popular option among miscellaneous hair colors. With pink and purple almost syncing up on the color wheel, it makes sense why this might go with many different hair colors. We also see that it might just depend on your hair color, with the runner-up colors of red, green, and blue. These colors are almost all different, showing the diversity you could have with different colored hair.

All in all, different colors complement different hair colors. While color theory might help you find your perfect match, homecoming is all about what you believe looks best. The color of your homecoming outfit doesn’t have to directly coordinate with the color wheel just as long as you are comfortable and happy with what you are wearing. Homecoming is a great event and experience regardless of the color you wear.