A Photo Essay of Lafayette

These are some of the trophies that Lafayette has won throughout the years. These include basketball and football trophies as well as academics and equestrian trophies. These trophies can be found throughout the halls, mainly by the front office and the gym foyer. The L in the photo was the center of the old gym, it is now the library. The L was cut out when the new gym was built. There are also banners hanging inside the gym of some of the great victories that Lafayette high school has had going back since the 1940s.

Lafayette High School has a rich and interesting history. Our staff picked a few photos to highlight some of the unique and most significant parts of our school and its history.
Our school in 1939, which coincided with the start of World War II. Our building was constructed with a Publics Works Administration grant for $300,000. The original building had 32 classrooms and was built for 1,000 students.
It was constructed on the site of the Knights of Pythias Orphanage and some of the buildings from the orphanage remained on the school’s opening day in 1939.
Today, Lafayette houses nearly 2,500 students and has the largest student body in Kentucky’s public schools.