Lafayette vs. Lincoln County

Blake Bethune, Sports Editor

On Tuesday night, Lafayette played Lincoln County in boys basketball at home. Lafayette was short-handed as they had one of their star players, Evan Dreux suspended for opening night. But you wouldn’t know they were missing a player by how they played.

Lafayette started the game on a 7-0 run as it was obvious the game plan was defense. Every time a Lincoln County player would bring the ball up the court, they were pressed and defensively harassed as Lafayette had many deflections and steals. But despite early success, first game jitters came into effect when Lincoln County came back and eventually took a lead of their own. The teams went back and forth in an electrifying game. It was like watching two heavyweight boxers trading blows.

At halftime the score was 32-29, in favor of Lafayette. Lafayette really turned it on coming out of halftime, as they added to their lead, Lafayette was leading 47-41 going into the 4th. Despite being one less player short, Lafayette didn’t struggle with stamina in the 4th quarter. Instead, they did just the opposite as they outscored Lincoln County by 10, 27-17 in the 4th quarter as they prevailed with a 74-58 win.