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What is Track and Field?

Dylan Hunt
The track at Lafayette High School that athletes use every day. Taken on December 14th, 2023.

Track and field can be a great way to stay in shape. Track and field has two seasons. October through February is the indoor season, and February through the end of the year is the outdoor season.

There are two parts to this varsity sport. The track section includes sprints, distance running, and hurdles. The field section includes vertical jumps, horizontal jumps, and throws. Track and field would like to be city, regional, and state champions. There is no previous experience required when trying out for track and field. Tryouts for indoor track and field were in mid-November. However, tryouts for outdoor track and field will be in the middle of February. To try out, make sure you have a physical. If you submitted your physical with another sport, talk to Coach Davis about your physical.

One event that occurs in the track is sprints. In this event, the athletes run short distances at their top speed over a limited time. The athletes sprint different distances: 100, 200, and 400 meters. The world record for the Men’s 100 Meter Dash is 9.58 seconds, held by Usain Bolt, and the Women’s record is 10.49 seconds by Florence Griffith-Joyner. The world record for the Men’s 200 200-meter dash is 19.19 seconds, also held by Usain Bolt. The Women’s is 21.34 seconds, which Florence Griffith-Joyner also has. The world record for the Men’s 400-meter dash is 43.03 seconds, held by Wayde Van Niekerk, and the Women’s is 47.60 seconds, held by Shaunae Miller-Vibo.

Another event in the track portion of track and field is distance running, also called endurance running. The events are 800 meters, 4×800 relay, 1600 meters, and 3200 meters. The world record for the 800 meters is 1 minute and 40.91 seconds, held by David Rudisha. Kenya holds the men’s 4×800 relay world record at 7 minutes and 4.43 seconds, and the Soviet Union has the women’s record at 7 minutes and 50.17 seconds. Dylan Hunt, a sophomore distance runner, was asked if we would recommend tracking and if it helps him stay in shape. Dylan said, “It’s a great way to keep in shape for other sports because, for me, conditioning for other sports isn’t bad at all, and I’m never out of breath because I’m used to the cardio from long distance. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to pick up a new sport and become faster, and it’s a great way to bond with others and get fit. “

The third event in track is hurdles. In this event, the athletes attempt to clear a hurdle by jumping over it. If they hit the hurdle or knock it down while running, they can continue running to finish the race and run. They must run entirely in lanes and clear the hurdle with both legs. The men’s world record for 100 meters is 12.12 seconds, which Tobi Amusan held. Aries Merrit holds the Women’s 110-meter world record at 12.80 seconds. The 400 meters has both men’s and women’s sections as well. The men’s world record is 45.95 seconds, held by Karsten Warholm, and the women’s is 50.68 seconds, held by Sydney Mclaughlin.

One event in the field section of track and field is the vertical jumps. The vertical jump is the highest point an athlete can touch from a standing point or the highest an athlete can. There are two positions: static or following a run-up. When taking off, they can use one or two feet. The arm movements are with or without an arm swing. Leg movement is a squat or a counter-movement, which can help you jump higher. The world record for the highest jump is 65 inches, held by Brett Williams.

The next event in the field is the horizontal jumps. This event measures the farthest an athlete can jump and is about projecting one’s center of mass. According to Vern Gamabetta, some tips are that there should not be a fixed point, the arms, and legs in one direction or the other, and you shift accordingly to maintain balance. Vern Gamabetta is a coach of professional athletes and teams. The world record for the horizontal jump is 26 feet and 18 inches and is held by Jesse Owens.

The last event in the field portion of track and field is throwing. This event consists of shot put, discus, and the hammer. In shot put, the goal is for an athlete to put it as far as possible while in a circle with a seven-foot diameter and a curved 10-centimeter high-toe. The men’s shot put record is 16 pounds, and the women’s is 8.8 pounds. The men’s world record is 77 feet and 3 ½ inches, held by Ryan Crouser, and the women’s is 74 feet and 2 ¾ inches, held by Natalya Lisouskaya. Another event in the throwing section is discus.

Discus is an event in which you throw a heavy disc into a throwing sector and is scored according to distance (people often spin to gain distance). The world record for women is a throw of 237 feet and 21/4 inches, held by Martina Hellman, and the world record for men is 229 feet and 31/2 inches, held by Virgilijus Alekna. The origin of the hammer is a mystery to historians. The hammer is hurled for a distance using two hands in a throwing circle. The men’s world record is a throw of 284 feet and 63/4 inches, held by Yuriy Sedykh, and the women’s world record is a throw of 272 feet and 2 inches, held by Anita Wlodarczyk.

There are two coaches, Coach Davis and Coach Hulsey. You can contact Coach Davis via email at [email protected] or in her room 207. You can contact Coach Hulsey via email at [email protected] or in room 231.

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