Volleyball Team 2018-2019


Chris Langston

Lafayette’s varsity, JV, and freshman teams.

Emma Taylor, Staff Writer

The Lafayette Volleyball team currently has a 2 win streak, and hopefully that number will increase. The team consists of 28 girls. The varsity team has 12 girls. This includes two Freshmen and three Seniors.

The team is also hosting a pancake breakfast at Texas Road House on Harrodsburg road on October 20th. The breakfast is from 8 to 10 am. Tickets are $5 and can be bought at the door.

2018 Varsity Volleyball Team:

  1. Macey Goff
  2. Kyrsten Myrup
  3. Emma O’Brien
  4. Teah Barrett
  5. Morgan Buckner
  6. Ellie Buford
  7. Ella Reed
  8. Lane Jenkins
  9. Halley Johnson
  10. Isabelle Warren
  11. Katie Jacobs
  12. Riley McChord