Homecoming Review: How it Went


The light decorations hung in the shape of a city skyline

Olivia Adams, Opinions Editor

Homecoming is the first school dance of the year at Lafayette, and students of all grades get excited. It is known for being more casual than Prom, but just fancy enough that people can dress up if they want to. There are always cute decorations and, of course, food. Best of all, the dance is inexpensive and easily accessible being held in the Lafayette Cafeteria. In short, Homecoming is a dance that suits everyone’s desires for a special night, whether those are serious or lighthearted.

Here’s how it went:


Some people went all out on their outfits. It was fun to look around the room and see all the sparkly and unique get-ups.  That being said, there were also quite a few people dressed casually. It was refreshing to see people enjoying the dance in a simple, comfortable outfit. Overall, the attire at the dance was interesting and diverse. That is, except for the huge amount of black dresses. They all looked good, but still.


Far against the wall, there was a long table with plates of cookies, bags of popcorn, and drinks. The cookies were good (duh) and the popcorn was nice and light to eat between dances. The water was so necessary because the cafeteria was super humid and hot. Without it, there probably would’ve been people passing out. The only issue is that there wasn’t much to choose from. We would have liked to see some variety.


Wow, everyone went crazy on the dance floor. Maybe a little too crazy. All the songs were very energetic and easy to dance to. There were the basics, like the cha-cha slide and the “wobble” song. There were tons of others that people chanted and jumped around to. The music created a very fun and exciting environment that made it easy for people to enjoy themselves.


There was a photo booth! There were even props, like wigs and glasses. Instead of getting your picture printed out, you would type in your phone number after the picture was taken, and a few hours later the picture would get sent to you. It was extremely fun.


The theme of the dance was City in Lights. There were string lights hung up around the room in the shape of a city skyline. It was very pretty, but simple at the same time. The tablecloths were dark, and the lighting matched the mood. The decorations reinforced the theme very well.


Overall, the dance was extremely fun. A lot of people showed up, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves. Being in a place where everyone was just so happy and chill was the best part of the dance. No drama, no stress, just dancing, eating, and hanging out with friends.