What to do Over Winter Break?


Kylie Willis and family at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Southern Lights event.

Kylie Willis, Staff Writer

Winter break is right around the corner. This means many things; final exams, some much-needed down time, relatives visiting, decorating, and other festive activities. Whether you need something to keep your extended family out of the house this season or are just simply bored, Lexington offers many holiday events!

To kick off the holiday season you can take a drive through the Kentucky Horse Park’s Southern Lights. This event offers exquisite light displays featuring classic holiday images such as Santa, elves, and Christmas trees. It also offers popular figures like Star Wars and multiple Disney princesses. After driving through the lights, you can park and enjoy the on-foot entertainment. This includes, train rides, a carousel, mini train displays, local shop stands, and an exotic petting zoo! Don’t forget to stop by vendors to get some hot chocolate and renowned kettle corn. Prices Monday- Thursday are $17 (up to 7 people in car), and Friday-Sunday are $27.

You can also go ice skating in Triangle Park downtown. Open mid-November to mid-January, the rink is $14 for 90 minutes of fun-filled skating. Bring your family and friends for a great time downtown. Plus, there is a concession stand offering warm drinks and hot dogs.

Lastly, the classic activity of going to the movie theater is always a perfect holiday idea. Conveniently, this season there are quite a few options. The anticipated movies of this season are Mary Poppins Returns, The Grinch, Creed 2, and others. Going to the movies is the perfect thing to do when you’ve come to the brink of family interaction and just wanna get out of the house.

Aside from all of these options, there’s always the traditional hobbies of baking, decorating, binge-watching, and more. So, push through those finals and start the best winter break ever.