Basketball Winter Tournaments

Hailey Hellard, Staff Writer

During this time of the year, many people think of holidays, snow, and festive celebrations. But those who love basketball know it is a great starting time for the basketball season. The Lafayette Generals boys basketball season is coming close to their winter basketball tournaments. So far the Lafayette Generals boys basketball team has played a few games to start off the season. There is the junior varsity, freshman, and varsity teams which all have very diverse and skilled players.

So far the varsity basketball team has played against Lincoln County High School, Madison Central, Dunbar High School, Simon Kenton High School, and Tates Creek High School. The Varsity Team players are Kobe Blake, Evan Dreux, Javen Hardin, Devin Johnson, Shawn Perkins, Will Stanfield, Tyreke McCoy, Javen Heilig, Torri Turner, Caleb True, Daniel Kinley, Iren Doneghy, Nick Napier, Javon Adams, Campbell DeYoung, Ryan Stepp, Ray Surratt, Alberto Reza, Abe Nelson, Isaiah Romero, Ricky Marcialiago and Robert Sanford.

The Lafayette General Varsity Basketball team recently won their latest game against Tates Creek High School, with a score of 65 – 58. A player on the Varsity team (#11) Ricky Marcialiago said, “That feeling when we win a game is always gonna hype me up for another game, it just adds on to the rush when we are playing against the other teams”. Of course, no team likes to lose their games, the Lafayette Generals Varsity Team is always striving to do their best so they can take home a big win. Another player on the team tries to look at losing in a positive way. Nick Napier (#22) said when interviewed “Obviously winning is the goal, but when we take an L, I think that it is a good learning opportunity for us to take a step back and to regroup so that we can focus on working at getting better as a team, and also for us to kinda work on ourselves too, so that we will be prepared for the upcoming games and play even harder”.

Most basketball teams have rival teams, and when it comes to competing against one another during a game, it can get pretty heated. Some of the team players were interviewed about if there was a certain school that they enjoyed playing against more than any of the other schools. Here is what Javen Hardin (#3) had to say about that, “I think that all the schools we’ve played against so far has been good in terms of competition, but I think that the Tates Creek game we played not too long ago was a good game for us”. Javon Adams was asked the same question and this was his response, “We have had a few games in the past that were challenging for us, but I don’t really have one school that I like playing against the most yet, but we’re gonna be playing Bryan Station next month and I think that will be a good game, but I’m ready for it for sure”.

The next upcoming games for the Lafayette Generals Varsity Team are away games and those will be on 12/18 against Scott County High School, 12/21 against Mercer County High School and 12/27 against Eastern High School. The next home game will be on 1/2 against Bryan Station High School at 6:30 pm, so make sure to come out and support our Lafayette Generals Varsity Boys Basketball Team!