Dance Blue Update


Rebekah Dunlap

Dance Blue sign in Lafayette’s cafeteria.

Ariana Spencer, Staff writer

Dance Blue was on Saturday, January 19th from 6 pm-12 am. At all of the five lunches, students could’ve bought a t-shirt for $10, which was the ticket for getting into the dance. Students also could have bought a bracelet for $2 or even a fanny pack for $5 to support the fundraiser as well.

On Saturday, the day of the dance, students arrived at the gym at 5:45 to learn the line dance with the dance team before the Dance itself even started. The event had to be shortened by an hour because of the snowy weather, so it ended at 11 pm instead of Midnight.

The dance intended to raise money for the Kentucky Children’s Hospital. There were blue buckets that were in the teachers’ classrooms that were also helping to raise money, where students could donate loose change. Some teachers even donated their own money into the buckets.

Izzy Logsden, a 10th grader who attended the event, said, “It was fun and there was lots of food!” Pizza, chicken, and subs, were the main food options.

For entertainment, there were inflatables that students could play on and the dance also provided food in the cafeteria. Students danced the line dance that they had learned earlier in the night.  It was a great event to attend because you were helping raise money and you could hang out with friends. Students took pictures with the background that was made by the student council and the students used this hashtag, #ftk 

The event was held in the gym and that’s where they announced how much money they raised. They raised $26,372.19!! We are so proud of how much money the event raised!