Mural Covered in the Science Hall


Jacquelyn Cesiro, Arts Writer

As written earlier this school year, the mural in the science hall had plans to be redone or taken down completely and replaced. Reasons included that many of the art teachers believe it could be better and that they wish to change the mural more often. Recently, the mural has been covered up. Why is this?

Made as a part of the “Unlearn Fear and Hate” movement two years ago, many of the art teachers want the wall in that hallway to become a “living art wall and always be in transition”, according to Ms. Stofer, the pottery teacher. As it has been covered in a layer of white paint with a few parts of the original painting showing through, with a few new drawings and paintings on top, it seems that may be true.

The mural is being either redone and fixed or a new mural is going up. Either way, a big change is being made for our school, and hopefully this will be a positive choice. If it’s part of the old movement of “Unlearn Fear and Hate”, we can hope that it will truly do the movement the justice the school wants it to do. If part of a new movement, it will probably be a huge movement, and could possibly last longer than the old one did. Whatever the case, we can only wait and see the final product.