ACT Day 2019


Kylie Willis, Clubs witer

The ACT was on March 12 this year. This test is meant to be a college-entrance exam that your selected universities analyze when considering your application. The sections include all of the common core subjects, such as math, science, reading, and language. All sophomores and juniors take this exam. However, only juniors are encouraged to send in their scores to possible universities of their choosing because there is a better chance of getting an improved score your junior year. Benchmark scores are specified as: English 18, Math 19, and Reading 20.

Students’ results can be found on the ACT site mentioned below. The option to retake the test is offered. However, the test is only free for the sophomores and juniors who take the test on the March test date at their school. The retake dates are as follows: April 13,  June 8, and July 13, 2019. More information, like registration dates and more, can be found on

Students who are eligible for Free and Reduced lunch have the opportunity to take the ACT again at no cost as a senior.

On ACT day at Lafayetter, freshman participated in an activity as a whole class, sophomores and juniors were in the designated classes to take the ACT, and seniors were required to be off campus for job-related activities (shadowing, etc.) the whole day.

To prepare for this exam, there were multiple after school tutor-like sessions on various aspects of the subjects in the ACT. Students could stay after school with the teacher who was hosting the session and they would engage in about an hour of teaching on that specific subject offered that day. This was very beneficial in that it gave students the opportunity to relearn or refresh certain subjects by taking notes, doing practice problems, and having time with a teacher to address any areas of concern.