Make a Wish Homecoming Dance 2017

Rebecca Bishop and Nikki Cesiro

In case you missed it, this years Homecoming Dance, entitled Make a Wish, was one for the books! If you have never been to a Lafayette Homecoming dance, then here is what you can expect: loud music, food, large crowds, heat exhaustion, beautiful decorations, gorgeous dresses, and Kings and Queens, but all in all it was something you wouldn’t want to miss.

The food, pizza and deserts, wasn’t paid much attention to by the students, most people grabbed a drink and went right back out to the dance floor so they didn’t miss a single second of the song that was currently playing. No time for eating.

The music, of course, was blasting, echoing across the school and even reverberating in people’s chests, this lead to plenty of excitement and yelling. Everyone would gather around the DJ in a mosh pit, jumping, dancing and singing along with the music, side-by-side with friends.

Of course, with everyone stuffed into one place, the temperature rose drastically. The guests often left the cafeteria and stand out in the gym foyer for a breath of fresher air and to cool down. Fortunately, it was not overcrowded, but still packed enough to make it hard to maneuver.

One thing that most look forward to, is the decorations. Most times high school dances are held in school cafeterias or gyms, so the decorations are what helps make the night. The cafeteria was outfitted with, stars and white Christmas lights, in representation of the theme.

Overall, Homecoming is a night that high schools students can dress up and hang out with friends. Hopefully many of you attended this year, and if not, hopefully you go once before you graduate.