Mindfulness is an Illusion


The Mindful Minute is a waste of time. Though I respect Mrs. Howard and her dedication to having a healthy mind, I feel there’s no point in doing it. The majority of the first block class does not participate. I rarely see a person actually participate in Mindful Minute and if they are, they are just mocking it, not genuinely using that time for what it’s meant for. As I listen to the gong that rings during Mindful Minute, I look around and see a bunch of kids talking to their friends or on their phones.

The whole point of the Mindful Minute is to give students a minute to get their thoughts together, and to be at peace before the day begins. Even if people really wanted to do the Mindful Minute, I don’t think it would take long to realize that it’s not helping. The whole concept of Mindful Minute is to calm students before their day starts, but it will take more than a minute for it to have an actual effect.

Beyond what I think, and the situation affects the whole school. I took the liberty of getting some opinions from my peers. One student who wishes to remain anonymous says, “I think it’s dumb, no one does it. It’s just a waste of a minute.” Student April Martinez says, “I don’t do it, so I don’t see the point.”

Another student who had a more indifferent opinion said, “I honestly don’t care.”

The last student, who also wishes to remain anonymous, I asked had a more positive answer. They said, “I mean, I don’t really do it, but I don’t mind it.”

From what I have seen and heard, most students either don’t care or they don’t think the Mindful Minute is necessary. Yes, there are a few students here and there who participate, but the amount of students who don’t participate outweighs the number of students who do. There is no use for it anymore, and it’s not really benefiting anyone. I would like to say that this was not written to defame Mrs. Howard or anything of the sort, but to voice the opinion of myself and others who don’t exactly care for the Mindful Minute.