Outdoors Club


Adam Kenner

The Outdoors Club garden

The Outdoors Club is a club that is related to outdoor sports, activities and recreational fun here at Lafayette. Ms. Detraz is the sponsor and runs Outdoors club and all the activities it participates in. The mission of the Outdoors club is to provide experiences to students to feel connected to their local community, and is one the many open clubs here at Lafayette. Most of the upcoming events are going to be in March and will start in the springtime. The Outdoors Club meets afterschool on Thursdays in room 243. They either work in the garden or plan future field trips. Right now the students of the Outdoors Club are working on a ceramic tile mural.

One of the events happening will be at Raven Run. Raven Run is a park that borders the Kentucky River which provides a great place for hiking and wildlife viewing. There are up to 10 miles of hiking trails passing through meadows, woodlands and streams, characteristics of the inner Bluegrass. While hiking through the trails, many historic remnants from the 19th century that can be found around the park.

The outdoors club is also going kayaking sometime mid-March but there is no known date of when or where kayaking is going to happen. Overall, the Outdoors club is a fun experience to have here at Lafayette for students to get connected to the community and enjoy the experience that nature has to offer.