Rebecca Dunlap

STLP Program

James Barnett, News editor

STLP is the Student Technology Leadership Program. This organization helps students develop technology. They focus on many different concepts like networking, coding, game development, animation, and computer art.

A member of the STLP club, Annabelle Gunning, a sophomore at Lafayette has this to say,”STLP is a great program, all you need is a good idea and motivation, Also STLP is a great way to show your skills and make new friends. STLP teaches leadership and teamwork”.

The club also goes to regionals in December, and state competition sometime around March. In these competitions, they use the many concepts they learn throughout the year.

STLP is open to every student in Lafayette. The sponsor of STLP is Mr. Chris Bryant, a Lafayette Art teacher.   If interested in joining STLP, stop by room 133 to talk to Mr. Bryant or come to a club meeting.  STLP meets every Tuesday until 5 pm. So join STLP club today.