Updates on the Performance Arts


Teachers decorated their doors for the POTB.

Jacquelyn Cesiro, Staff Writer

This first semester of our school year has had many things happen in the arts. The Lafayette “Pride of the Bluegrass” Marching Band won its 20th state championship in October, the play “Taste of Sunrise” won state back in November, the plans to remake the mural or just change the mural all together are still being discussed, and much more.

Back in September, a story was written on the mural in the science/world language hall. It was made during the “Unlearn Fear and Hate” movement two years ago, but soon enough plans were, and are currently being, discussed on making it better or changing all together. With insight from Mrs. Stofer, the pottery teacher, the wall may become a transitioning wall of art. No further news has been said on the wall, but know that updates will be coming. (article: “Starting the Mural Again” written by Jacquelyn Cesiro)

Back in October, our Lafayette Marching Band, The Pride of the Bluegrass, won their 20th state championship with a score of 91.2! Our band was also the only band in the state to have gotten a score in the 90’s, as North Hardin came in 2nd place with an 88.9 in second and Madison Central with an 88.45 in third place. “We didn’t think it was going to happen,” says Laura McPherson a senior in the band, “but it did and it was great.” The show that won this championship was titled Mosaic, a show that started out with the members in grey then leads to every section wearing different colors to represent the colors of a mosaic. The show had 21 props, all different colors and that would light up. The band is the first class 5A band to win 20 state championships, and it’s well deserved with the several months of practice that took place to put the mosaic of instruments and music together. Our P.O.T.B has once again taken the cup at state and they will hopefully do so again next year. (article: “P.O.T.B Wins 20th State Championship!” written by Zaida Bell-Frantz)

Back in November, the cast and crew for the piece “Taste of Sunrise” won first place at the Regionals competition. The crew and cast had traveled to Madisonville, Kentucky to compete at the state festival, making this their second state win in a row. Helen Schatzki was named to the All-Star cast and Kieshaun Butts was awarded Outstanding Male Actor. The whole show will now travel to Knoxville for the the National level competition and will also travel to the Kentucky School for the Deaf to preform. This of course requires lots of money to be done so fundraising had taken place to help raise this money and take the majority of the burden off the families of the cast and crew. But soon they will be able to get there! (article: “Taste of Sunrise Wins State” written by Victoria Steward)

We look forward to the second semester to see what our Performance Arts groups will do.