Outdoors Club Update


Beautiful trees in the Lafayette Courtyard outside of the cafeteria.

Ariana Spencer , Staff writer

Since the new semester is starting, the Outdoors Club has begun to plan new things. They will have a meeting on Thursday January 17th in room 243. The meeting will be at 3:30-4:30. If you like kayaking, going on field trips, hiking and other outdoors things, then this club is for you.

During the past meetings, the Outdoors club have been cleaning up the garden. They also are discussing dates for different field trips, hikes, bike rides, and other activities. Getting outdoors is good for the mind, body, and well being in general. It also helps students reconnect with nature, we all need to get outside more and try new things.

Beatrice Molina, a Sophomore at Lafayette, said, “I’m thinking about joining. I love being outside and seeing all of nature around.”

When spring starts and it gets warmer, the club is thinking about taking the orange bikes that you see all over Lexington and riding them around town. They will also continue to attend to the garden, and will be adding more flowers. To keep the garden thriving, members will keep it clean by taking out the weeds and picking the vegetables when they are ripe. Chef McBride will be using the vegetables for his cooking class.

The Outdoors club is planning many new and interesting adventures for the future, and everyone is invited to join.