Varsity Football: Lafayette vs. Dunbar


Noah Cryder, Staff Writer

After taking a loss to Henry Clay last Friday (9/21), Lafayette (1-5) will be testing their luck against Dunbar (1-4) Friday night. The game will take place at Dunbar and start at 7:30. Both teams consider each other a rival school so you know it will be a good fight. After having a 5 game losing streak Lafayette is trying to make their mark and make a statement here in the middle of the season.

Here is what Sophomore, John Bernard, had to say about what tonight’s game, “I’m just hoping we can break this losing streak as fast as we can. The past few home games have of course been fun but it kind of saddens me when I look at the scoreboard at the end of the games.” He is correct about the scoreboards looking somewhat somber because in Lafayette’s past 5 games, their opponents have all scored 30+ points. Hopefully that statistic ends at Dunbar and your Generals finally place a heavily anticipated W on the top of the Box Score.

Update: Lafayette lost the game 28-24 making them 1-6. Cooper Grey who was at the game said this “It was a close and good game all the way through but in the end we came up with a lost”.